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FAQ & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do your cleaners accept tips?

A: Yes! You are always welcome to tip your team if you appreciate their work. Tips should be left separately from your payment and preferably in cash.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept the four major credit cards, checks, and cash.

Q: Do you use service contracts?

A: We do not bind our clients to contracts. We want them to use us as long as they want to, not as long as they have to!


Q: Do I have to “clean” before the cleaners come?

A: We do not mind picking up personal belongings before we clean, but if there is an excessive amount of clutter, please be aware that it will increase the time spent in your home and result in a higher final cost.


Q: Do you change sheets?

A: Yes! If you leave your clean sheets on the bed, we are happy to change them.


Q: Do you clean windows?

A: We clean inside windows, upon request, that can be reached with a two-step stool. We do not clean high interior windows or outside windows. We are happy to refer you to professional window cleaners that we have worked with for years, however. Just ask!


Q: Do you shampoo carpets and wax or polish floors?

A: We do not shampoo carpets or wax or polish floors. We are happy to refer you to companies that assist with carpet cleaning. Because our cleaning process displaces a lot of dust, we always recommend scheduling a carpet cleaning after we’ve visited your home. If you’ve scheduled a carpet cleaning prior to our appointment, please allow adequate time for the carpet to dry.

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Policies & Notices

1. In order to best serve you and accommodate the scheduling needs of our clients, schedule changes and cancelations made without 24 hours notice will be assessed a $50 fee.

2. Any job that we are unable to complete due to home access issues out of our control (no key left, door locked, code changes) will be assessed a $50 fee.

3. Clients that are not on a regular schedule generally pay more per visit, because that much more soil has accumulated since our last visit. As such, if it has been longer than the usual amount of time since our last visit (due to a reschedule or postponement), please be aware that it may take our cleaners longer than usual, which would result in a higher final cost.

4. To ensure the proper care of your hard surface floors, we only use products that you provide. If you do not provide a product, we can clean your tile with water and dry mop your wood floors.

5. For safety reasons, our cleaners do not climb ladders. We are happy to complete dusting that can be managed with a two-step stool and an extension.

6. We do not provide or use products that are toxic or abrasive; the exception to this rule is bleach-based Tile-X or X-14, which can be provided by the client for the spot treatment of mildew.

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